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About us

Eurera is an innovative provider of software for Digital TV devices and systems. We deliver scalable, reliable and custom software solutions offering custom build functionalities while anticipating market needs and demands. We offer high-end custom software solutions and application development including both off-the-shelf packages that are tailored to your needs and developed from scratch according to your requirements.

By leveraging our solid software development expertise and latest technologies, we deliver cost-effective and top-class solutions. Our specialists have solid experience in Windows and Linux development as well as embedded devices.

The ever-growing demand for custom and effective software solutions is driven by rapidly changing market conditions and technology progress. To streamline your business, we address those demands by offering high-performance custom software, cost effectiveness as well as continuous technical support and maintenance

Eurera, providing efficient, fast &  reliable  solutions!

eLive BackOffice

eLive Segmenter / Packager

eLive Encoder

eLive Media Server / Edge Server

eLive BackOffice


  • product and asset management
  • Metadata handling
  • VOD product definition, catalog handling
  • CatchUP TV (timeshift, restart, pause live) and nPVR
  • Transaction management
  • EPG handling and processing
  • Logging
  • Billing

eLive BackOffice helps operators to manage assets and all related metadata, by providing support for F-VOD, S-VOD and T-VOD. TVCMS also provides means for managing and monitoring workflow process responsible for asset propagation, deletion and availability. eLive BackOffice also handles subscriber data and entitlements, collects PG data in different standards and formats as well as perform consistency checks.

eLive BackOffice handles workflow for triggering asset recording, scheduling and publishing, asset availability (time windows) and plays also the role for controller recording system and propagate asset recordings.

eLive BackOffice has been build with high scalability and high performance quality standard, and modular design which reduces custom adaptations and launch times. Developped in C/C++ for high efficiency, low resource and network loads, it runs on commodity hardware or in virtual environments, allowing operator to directly deploy our platform on preexisting hardware architecture.



  • High performance Intel-based platform
  • Dense single or multi-node 1RU/2RU system supporting up to 88 SD and 20 HD channels
  • Real-Time, Policy-Based Video Transcoding
  • Flexibility (S2S, F2F, on-demand)
  • Scalability and flexibility(clustered system, from 10s to 1000s of concurrent transcoders)
  • Multi-channel, multi-output SD/HD encoder and transcoder
  • Hight quality MPEG-2 and H.264
    Software based architecture, future-proof
  • Wide range of image processing filters
  • Dynamic level audio adjustments

Real-Time Video Transcoding:
Live and on-demand transcoding and delivery of streaming video content.

Policy-Based Transcoding:
Performance-tuned for optimal balance between key transcoding criteria: concurrency, quality, and time-to-transcode.

Supports stream-to-stream (S2S), file-to-file (F2F) or on-demand in a single platform.

Appliances can be clustered to create a system that easily scales from tens to thousands of concurrent transcodes.

Ease of Integration:
Open XML-based-API ensures seamless integration with third-party platforms including device detection databases, content management systems and ad servers.

Designed to meet carrier-class reliability standards including hot-swappable power supply and fans, redundant I/O, full mirroring and comprehensive system monitoring.



  • High performance / high density Edge server
  • Unified content delivery: eLive Media server support HTTP and UDP streaming from the same appliance, making it flexible and scalable
  • Scalable caching options: supports flexible caching and storage, interdepend network attached storage and any combination of those
  • High performance, high density: offers industry leading streaming and caching density to be placed anywhere in the network
  • Up to 4 x 1GE or 2 x 1GE + 4 x 10GE ports
  • Standard based HTTP infrastructure
  • Works seamlessly with firewalls and NAT

Leverages standard HTTP infrastructure (including CDNs), resulting in significant cost savings over legacy streaming technologies.

Eliminates the guesswork for content providers on what bitrates to encode for end devices.

Works seamlessly with firewalls by leveraging HTTP as the transport protocol.

Live and VOD workflows are almost identical. When a provider creates a live stream, the chunks can be kept for later VOD delivery (optional).



  • High performance Intel-based platform
  • Dense single or multi-node 1RU appliance
  • Transcoder agnostic for flexibility required to address customer demands and legacy hardware
  • Scalable: no limitations on input, deployable on several server to ensure scalability and performance demands
  • Flexible as it can be deployed as standalone packager as well as deployed across edge nodes or the head-end
  • Future-proof solutio

Designed to support a wide range of multi-screen video applications and content delivery network architectures.

Support for live, VOD, cloud DVR, and catch-up video service workflows. Integrated content adaptation capabilities, with dynamic repackaging, DRM encapsulation, and policy controls.

Supports classic video formats as well as HTTP adaptive content formats for any content any device scenarios.

Eurera d.o.o.
Partizanska cesta 37
2000, Maribor